New and Used Motor Vehicles: Tens of thousands of new and used motor vehicles for sale and auction online in New Zealand. Our listings include cars for sale, motorbikes, dirt bikes, caravans, motorhomes, trucks, trailers, car parts and accessories, listed in the fixed price and online auctions listings.
Real Estate listings: Including Residential, Rural, Lifestyle blocks and Commercial properties for sale, rent or lease throughout New Zealand.
General listings: Hundreds of thousand of listings - use the quick search to view hundreds of thousands of products ranging from:
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List Sell Trade Wholesale - where wholesalers and onsellers connect

How does it work?
  • Wholesalers - we list your entire product range* - please note we do not show prices
  • Onsellers - browse a full wholesale product range
  • Onsellers - automatically transfer products to your selling account on List Sell Trade
  • Wholesalers and onsellers pay only a flat total fee of $20.00 total a month for unlimited listings, with no success fees
Getting Started

  • Register and subscribe to start listing your products on List Sell Trade - register as a wholesaler by choosing the 'Wholesaler' account type.
  • Subscribe - $20.00 total a month, with no other fees. Subscription is via Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card with no locked-in term.
  • We set up your listings to import from your website/product list and can update daily on List Sell Trade.
  • Our in-house writers create a profile so resellers can find out more about your business and what you have to offer.

*Please click here to contact us.

  • Browse wholesale products, then contact the wholesaler to discuss the terms of purchase.
  • Onsellers request permission from the wholesaler to onsell the products via an enquiry form - approved onsellers can simply browse the wholesaler's products and click on any items to draw them into their account to onsell.
  • Onsell products on List Sell Trade by clicking register to set up an account, then subscribe - $20.00 total a month via Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card, with no locked-in term.
  • Add prices and your own information then list the products for sale!