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INVEST in the Future of Big Business Advertising. A New Digital 'out of the home' advertising Network has been launched & running for a while now. They are at the stage where they need a final $500,000 investment to buy the 'kit' (screens, modems etc.) to take this to the next level.

They are already licensed to put the system into 300 liquor stores throughout the country & so far 28 are up & running (with huge success). This $500,000 will enable the business to buy the hardware for the rest of the 272 stores which can be rolled out within 2 months. The income generated from these are phenomenal, with very big name corporates with multi-million dollar advertising budgets acknowledging this is the future. Why? Advertising on TV usually means people either get up & make a cup of tea while the ad is playing OR fast forward the ads with their MYSKY unit. Radio is mildly effective but picture this, Joe Bloggs has walked into a liquor store knowing he wants beer, walks to the chiller to be confronted by a well-known beer ad playing (picture stunning bikini clad model drinking the beer)... He then walks in & purchases the well-known beer. We are simple creatures.

These companies pay around $20,000 - $200,000 per campaign, with around 10 campaigns p/month rotating (currently, this is just the tip of the iceberg). Does this make sense you ask? When you take it down to a per store (assuming 1 screen per store) that's about $180 a week per store (take 300 stores and that's $54,000 per campaign (per month) with the ability to do multiple campaigns run in 10 second intervals) with sales normally increasing between 500% and 1000%.

We have case studies, stats and the like to back it up! Contact me today to get in at ground level before this explodes and find out the return on your investment... this is not too good to be true!

Looking for $500,000 for 10%, would also consider $100,000 share parcels.

Please register your details on our website and submit the online confidentiality agreement.

Phone: 09 448 0751

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