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Search General - Heirloom Weavers NZ: Knitwear using Natural Eco friendly NZ Yarns - Gisborne

Heirloom Weavers NZ Heirloom Weavers NZ Heirloom Weavers NZ Heirloom Weavers NZ Heirloom Weavers NZ Heirloom Weavers NZ Heirloom Weavers NZ Heirloom Weavers NZ Heirloom Weavers NZ
Heirloom Weavers NZ


Available Monday to Saturday by phone 8am - 9pm
and Tuesdays 8am - 6pm

Welcome to Heirloom Weavers New Zealand

Our business started in the early 1990's creating handwoven floor rugs and wall hangings using images of native flowers and birds in the woven designs. In addition to these we moved on to creating a collection of beautiful hand knitted Mohair Knitwear.

Now having moved to Gisborne for the past 16 years, we have been producing our Heirloom handwoven Mohair, Alpaca and Possum Merino blankets and throws in three thicknesses including Winter and Extra Winter Weight. These have been enjoyed all around the world.

In addition to our own Heirloom products we have added a large range of natural fibre clothing, knitwear and blankets sourced from all around New Zealand.

Products such as Alpaca Duvets proudly made in New Zealand from NZ Alpaca. Our range of Alpaca Duvets are sustainable, non allergenic, odour and mildew resistant and lighter than wool. Alpaca boasts one of the highest moisture wicking properties of all natural fibres.

Wicking is when the fibre transports moisture away from its source to the outside of a fabric where it is able to evaporate. Wool and cotton are very absorbent but have lower wicking properties than Alpaca. Alpacas lack the natural body oils produced by most animals and therefore the fibre is odourless and naturally non-allergenic.

Promoting New Zealand Products and Craftsmenship is in keeping with our love of the New Zealand flora & fauna. Having lived on a lifestyle block surrounded by native trees in the midst of Wood Pigeons, Kiwis, Tuis, fantails and many more native species , we and those we sell of behalf of, draw inspiration from our beautiful country in creating our unique New Zealand products.

Need a special gift?
Look no further, we offer free gift wrap including a card with a special message from you to your loved ones. Gift Vouchers are available and are a great option for those hard to buy for.

Contact us today, we are always happy to help!
  • Women's Possum Merino
  • Men's Possum Merino
  • Knitwear Accessories
  • Possumdown
  • Nz Merino Kids
  • Baby & Toddler Blankets
  • Possum Merino Blankets
  • Bowron Sheepskin Rugs
  • Luxury Wool Floor Rugs
  • Mohair Blankets
  • Alpaca Blankets
  • Julie Dawson Bags
  • Supreme Possum Wool
  • Possum Boots & Slippers
  • Bridal Wraps
  • Mkm Workwear
  • Wild South Merino
  • Alpaca Duvets
  • Nz Wool Blankets
  • Organic Wool Blankets
  • Fur Lined Coats/Jackets
  • Feather Puffer Jackets
  • Swanndri
  • Sheepskin Rugs For Pets
  • Swanndri Dog Coat

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