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All vehicle matches on the Advanced Vehicle Search that fit your search criteria will be sent to your inbox for viewing.
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    Payment Options

    Payment arrangements and delivery / pick-up of purchased goods from completed auctions are to be arranged between the buyer and the seller. List Sell Trade takes no direct part in these arrangements beyond initially putting the two parties in contact with one another.

    Once contact between the buyer and the seller is established, they can arrange payment and delivery or pick-up of the goods to their own satisfaction.

    Several payment options are available to typical buyers. Sellers may list payment methods that they are prepared to accept as information in their auction listing.  When listing an item there is a 'tickbox' option to display Cash, Credit Card and Bank Deposit as available options for payment. If you also have other options available, such as PayPal and Q card, then please indicate this in the description text of your listings.

    It is common practice for the buyer to make a payment for the purchased goods or services (that is then confirmed by the seller) before the seller ships goods or provides their services.

    We strongly suggest that you DO NOT use cash transfer services or money orders as a payment method. These services are untraceable, irreversible, and designed only for sending money to people you know, such as family or friends. It should be regarded as suspicious behaviour if a seller is insisting upon this method of payment.